CB750 1977 cafe racer build finished

This is the result of the last HO project. CB750 from 1977. A full engine rebuilt aswell as the entire bike is fabricated from the ground up. More photo's of this bike will be published soon.

Magazine feature Sport Quattro 1000HP

This month the Sport Quattro made it to the front page of Retro Cars magazine. A beautiful photoshoot at Prescott hill, and a proper writeup of the project makes an interesting read.

Porsche Typ64 3D engineered sheetmetal buck. Berlin to Rome racer

The question from the customer was to 3D engineer the Porsche typ64 Berlin to Rome race car. The technical drawing from 1938 and hundreds of photos where to only reference I had to reproduce this correct shape. The buck is used to shape aluminium bodywork to. This way you can create an entire body from nothing but flat sheets of aluminium and craftsmanship.

It was also a concideration to create a buck that can be disassembled easily for saving room, and being assembled in 3 seperate section: front, middle, and rear whilst maintaining structural rigity.

The buck includes small details like shutlines, window, and wheel arch lines. This makes life a lot easier for the metalworker to find exact measurements.

These body bucks are made to order. When interested please inquire via email info (at) highoctane dot nl or through the contact page on the site.



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High Octane is born from a passion for race cars, historic cars and cool motorcycles. We combine modern 3D engineering with traditional restoration techniques to recreate or restore your dream car or motorcycle.


Most of all High Octane it's a full service speed shop for the petrolhead. Handmade car bodies or 3D reverse engineering all done in-house. All these techniques and specific crafts come together in our shop project that is well know in the european dragrace and audi scene. The Sport Quattro was an extensive project and build from the ground up with and totally re-engineered, It's currently running a 1.005HP 2.2L 5-cilinder setup with a gt42r Garret turbo.

We offer: Reverse engineering in 3D CAD, CNC fabrication, 3D printed parts, 3D metal shaping buck design, advanced metal shaping, bespoke custom builds, restorations, engine and mechanical (re)builds, race car engineering, histroic restorations.

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